Little Nail Co is my open, nurturing and welcoming corner of the world where you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the door and spend an hour (or more if you like) with yourself (and me - sadly I can’t really get around that one). From the second you enter the door of Little Nail Co, your experience will be tailored to your personal preferences; you get to play DJ, can choose to indulge in some you-time by opting for a “silent appointment” (we’ll still discuss the service, but otherwise you get to zone out) or share life stories and hydrate with your choice of still or sparkling (water, not wine people) and locally made snacks and goodies. We aren’t your average Nail Studio, nor would we want to be!

As a Gel + Natural Nail Studio, we love working with natural nails and offer a variety of services that cater to every type of nail; from biters to those who are blessed with exquisite nail beds and every nail type in between! We take pride at spending the time to ensure the integrity of your nails and encourage their health going forward under our care, so you won’t find any express treatments here at Little Nail Co, nor will your treatment be rushed or hurried in order to get you in and out the door. High quality products and tools are the basis to every service at Little Nail Co, with high end products such as The Gel Bottle, Navy Pro Tools, IBX and Macabalm complementing our impeccable handiwork to deliver the manicure of your dreams, whatever that may look like!


As a very small business, I am excited to see this creation come to life and become a part of a community that is incredibly close to my heart and home and I look forward to welcoming you and your digits into the Studio soon.


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Phone - 0490 824 750

Email - t@littlenailco.com.au

Address - 18 Princess Road,

Claremont WA 6010



Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 10am to late

Thursday - 10am to late

Friday - 8am to 6pm

Saturday - 8am to 6pm

Sunday - Closed




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